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The Lord's Handmaids

WE LOVE         WE CARE         WE SERVE

We Love - 

Our church, our pastors and our country. We gather together to pray for our pastors, our community, our country and members of our church and their families.

We Care - 

About our community and others that are less fortunate or are in need of assistance.

We Serve - 

In our community by providing assistance to seniors with blessing bags, providing prayer shawls for the Hospice Unit and collecting clothes for those in need; and outside our community by sending money to Haiti to a young boy, Ludlance, who nearly died at birth, for his school clothes and books. We have also made dresses for women and children that have been sent out on missions trips to Haiti and Africa.

We meet at the church every other Tuesday from 10 am - 12 pm for devotions, prayer and of course, refreshments.

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