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Spring Mountain

Marriage Ministry

This is a structured teaching that reveals the way God has designed marriage. Too many marriages fail and too many families suffer great loss. This class brings hope and encouragement to not only married couples but couples considering marriage. It promotes a healthy home where you can learn how to serve your family. A design where you become one again, because "a house divided shall not stand." Without knowledge people perish. In order to succeed in marriage and in life, you need to know the Master's plan.

"Do not build your house on the sand where great and complete is its fall, but build your house on The Rock where through it all, you stand."

Matthew 7:24-27

Come join us and let's grow together and be founded on The Rock!


"Some things I learned from this awesome class were don't take things from past relationships into the new, always put yourself in the other persons shoes, and we should always make time for each other, no matter the circumstances. These things have helped our marriage tremendously!"

"Communication was a big issue in our marriage and I think that it helped us open up to communicate about things that we didn't necessarily like to talk about without an argument. Also, talking about it in front of other people gave us an outside opinion on the subject, which definitely helps! It was fun and we could laugh at each other but we learned a lot! We also realize that we need date night more often and need to make time for each other."

"The main things I learned were to treat your wife the way you want to be treated. Sometimes what problems seem small to you are huge to your wife. And sometimes your wife doesn't need a solution, she just needs to be heard. Great class!"

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